One of the most important aspects in any form of sales, whether it’s belly to belly, online, or direct, being able to overcome certain objections from your possible customer or client is crucial. There’s a wonderful book called “go for no”, it talks about the expertise in not only how to overcome and handle certain sales objections, but how old of those people who say the word “no”, the yes’s are not too far behind.

There is an old adage that states, “the person who collects the most knows, will collect the most yeses. It’s a lot of numbers situation. The more people you talk to, the more sales you are going to have in the long run. When you can disconnect from the emotional link between you and the response from your potential customer or client, you will spend your day in complete productivity without stopping and hitting any roadblocks.

Some of the most common objections you’re going to get in sales our money, time, and third- party approval. Here are some simple and extremely effective ways to overcome those objections:

  1. The monetary objection:

When speaking to a potential customer or client, you may hear the words come out of their mouth that something “sounds too expensive”, or “that’s a lot of money”. In my experience, if someone is serious about changing the quality of their health, life, or business, if the value is great enough, the cost will ever matter. Here is a simple way to respond to that.

I can absolutely appreciate the fact that you feel that this is expensive. But you were the one that reached out to me stating that you wanted to improve your health, life, and/or business, so are you serious about taking any of these to the next level to achieve your goals?

I can absolutely appreciate you feeling that this is out of your budget, but if you were driving to work today for example, and in your travels you got two flat tires that made it impossible for you to continue to go to your job, if the need was great enough, would you be able to come up with the money to fix your car? Right now there is a flat time in your business\life\relationship, so the real question is, are you prepared to fix it so you can begin to not only live the life that you deserve, but to get the results you are desiring.

  1. Lack of time, or too busy:

When speaking to a potential client or customer about a product or service that you can provide that they are interested in, or inquiring about, when they give you the objection that they feel they don’t have time for it, or are way too busy, here is a simple way to overcome those statements.

I can absolutely appreciate the fact that you feel that you’re too busy, or don’t have enough time in your day, but let me ask you this. If the value of this is great enough do you feel that you can make the time for it to change the quality of your health, life, or business?

  1. Third party approval:

In certain cases when speaking to a potential client or customer, and there is a monetary exchange necessary, if that person feels that they can’t make that educated decision themselves, they will then have to “run it by someone else”. This is very common for people that are not only indecisive, but non-committal. I will give you the excuse that they need to talk to their husband or wife to make sure it’s, “in their budget.” Here is a very simple way to overcome the third-party approval objection.

I can absolutely appreciate you having to speak to your spouse or significant other about this opportunity, product, or service, would they happen to be there right now so I could speak to them myself and explained it to them?

I can absolutely appreciate you wanting to speak to your significant other or spouse, do you feel that you are capable of explaining exactly what we discussed and getting their support for what you’re looking to achieve with working with me, my good, or my service?

These are just a few of the ways to overcome the three most common objections in any sort of sales position. Remember this, you control the outcome of each conversation by asking the best questions possible to lead to your desired result.