First, let me start off by saying you never want to join an “engagement pod” where you are forced to “like and comment” on 50 other people’s stuff, regardless of the relevance of the content, and make sure you never ever tag blast your network (tagging 50 people in a post at one time).

These are just 2 of the many ways people are trying to go about increasing their content engagement on LinkedIn.

But there is a better way!

Here are 3 ways to organically and naturally increase your engagement over time on LinkedIn:

1. Use LinkedIn Polls For Content Market Research:

I have done LinkedIn Live training and articles on this topic before, and it still needs to be discussed as often as possible. One of the best ways to find out what your audience is lacking or what they need help with is by simply asking them.

Questions will always lead to answers; LinkedIn Polls are a great way to conduct this. I do about two weekly polls to help me create the content you see me post about.

I will not create content based on what people need to hear about. Instead, I am going to ask them what they are struggling with or what they want to improve so I can then, in turn, create content based on their needs, not my wants.

The more you find out where people need help in their businesses using polls, the more organic engagement you will receive in return due to the value-added information you provide.

2. Create Content That Solves Your Networks Problems:

Using a weekly poll question, you must find out what your audience wants to know or is struggling with. Now I know what you are thinking…..”I have to do those polls I already see too much of.” I get it. An overabundance of polls is being created on LinkedIn, which is getting annoying to many people.

But for other people, it is a way for them to ask their audience genuine and authentic business-related questions to their audience to find a pain point for the content creator to provide some value-added commentary that solves the problem that the majority of those individuals are having.

Make sure to have a call to action in every piece of content you produce….questions lead to answers. If you finish your post/poll/video/article with a statement, you are not giving the reader a clear directive of what kind of action you want them to take.

By simply writing, “What was your biggest takeaway from this post? or “Which of the above tips did you find most helpful?” this will allow you to fully understand what they took away, but it will also create organic conversation and engagement.

Always focus on creating weekly videos to provide value-added information to your audience. Still, to this day, video is the number 1 way to build the “know, like, and trust” with your audience. If you just pick 1 day a week to shoot a 2-4 minute video that educates and informs, it will go further than you can imagine.

Building familiarity and visibility is key in the over-saturated digital world that we live in. Doing consistent weekly videos will help you stand out even more.

Make sure your content solves problems and not selling to your audience. One of the main reasons people are on LinkedIn is to have their business issues or problems solved with the educational and informative content produced on the platform.

Take the time to ensure that your content is providing extra value and not selling or pitching to your audience. It never feels good to be sold and pitched to. The more that you give, the more that you get.

3. Once A Week, Tag 3 Allies or Business Partners In Your Post For There Feedback/Thoughts:

As I mentioned above, what you want to stay away from is tagging too many people too often in your content.

One of the best ways to start getting immediate and organic traffic to your content is by tagging 3 known allies or friends in the first comment of your post.

You only have to do this 1x per week, which proves very effective for a few reasons. First, you are only tagging 3 people, not 3,000 as some people tend to do on LinkedIn.

Second, you are tagging known individuals who know, like, and trust you, plus you are tagging people who would truly resonate with the piece of content that you just posted. You never want to tag people that you know would not relate to your content.

When this is done properly, you now have those tagged individuals sharing their thoughts and feelings about the topic you discussed in your post.

It is genuine, authentic, and organic…and it works!

Which of the 3 tips helped you most?

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