For some, this is a clear-cut answer; for others, it is still a topic that leads to confusion, overwhelm, and inconsistencies.

People consistently ask…

What type of content should I be putting out on LinkedIn each week?

Should you do basic posts?

Should you do inspirational-type content?

What is going to build my credibility best?

There are many forms of content that can be created on LinkedIn, but in my humble and honest opinion, there are 3 clear winners as far as the ones that should be posted each week on LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn Video (live or pre-recorded):

It doesn’t matter if this is done via native LinkedIn Video or LinkedIn Live. Video is king when it comes to building a connection with your audience. Video is also one of the scariest things for people to do right now.

Yes, it shows a vulnerable side of you, but that is a good thing when you are looking to make a meaningful connection with your network. If you are going to a native video (pre-recorded), make sure it’s 2-4 minutes of you giving tips or education on a topic that is in your wheelhouse.

If you are going to do LinkedIn Live, make sure you go live for at least 15 minutes and no more than 30 minutes. I prefer “live” video because it allows you to have organic and “real-time” interaction with your audience.

Like posts and polls, ensure your videos are educational, informative, and value-added.

2. LinkedIn Poll Questions:

I have done LinkedIn Live training and articles on this topic before, and it still needs to be discussed as often as possible. One of the best ways to find out what your audience is lacking or what they need help with is by simply asking them.

Questions will always lead to answers; LinkedIn Polls are a great way to conduct this. I do about 2 weekly polls to help me create the content you see me post about.

I am not going to create content based on what I think people need to hear about. Instead, I am going to ask them what they are struggling with or what they want to improve so I can then, in turn, create content based on their needs, not my want.

The more you find out where people need help in their businesses using polls, the more organic engagement you will receive in return due to the value-added information you provide.

3. LinkedIn Newsletter Editions:

A LinkedIn Newsletter is something every business owner should and needs to have right now. LinkedIn sends out an invitation automatically to your contacts to subscribe.

This allows you to build an organic audience right away.

My newsletter has 6500 subscribers in only 11 months…..Take advantage of it. LinkedIn also emails your subscribers personally when you produce a new edition.

We always talk about visibility and organic reach, and this, my friends is the optimal way to do it.

Now that LinkedIn allows you to publish a newsletter and simultaneously push it out to those who have subscribed, it is an absolute game-changer. LinkedIn Newsletters also allow you to build trust and rapport daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Your frequency will determine how quickly you can build the “know, like, and trust” factor with your audience.

My recommendation is to publish weekly or bi-weekly to stay top of mind.

When you are consistent with your long-form Newsletter content, it will add to your credibility. We are all looking for ways to build our credibility.

A fantastic way to do so is to have a reputable newsletter that educates and informs your growing audience.

Which of the three do you need to be more consistent at creating?

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