So, this is something that I’ve spoken about before and I love talking about it because no matter what platform you are on, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, people are spamming everyone.

People are getting spam through Facebook Messenger. People are getting spammed in their DMS on Instagram. People are getting spammed on LinkedIn messaging, and what I’m going to teach you guys today, you could actually take this methodology and use it on any social platform that you’re using to build your business. If it is followed properly, it will produce results.

So, let me start off by saying what you shouldn’t do:

If you are going to connect with someone about your opportunity, never ever sell or pitch them in that opening message. Do not ever, in addition to that, say you would be great for my opportunity. Anything that is salesy, spammy or pitchy, you want to stay away from.

You have heard me talk about this in previous blogs, when we went over the people that you shouldn’t actually recruit into your business, friends, family and other Network Marketers. I said put yourself in the shoes of the person that’s being prospected. If you’re that friend, if you’re that family member and the same goes for this……

What if you were that person reading that message or getting that message? Would you respond to it? Before you hit that send button, read that message.

Really sit with it and be honest with yourself…… Does this message sound genuine, authentic, truthful, and real? That alone will tell you if you should send it or not. The other thing is you never want to share unwarranted information with anyone in the initial message.

Do not ever send them links to watch some video they didn’t ask to watch and don’t send them a link to look at something that they didn’t ask to look at. But here’s what you should do……. So, I’ve developed something called the “Magic Formula”.

The “Magic Formula” is a 3-step process to crafting a message that will get a fantastic response rate. One of my first mentors, was a woman by the name of Susan sly. Some of you that are reading this may be familiar with her. Something very impactful that she said to me very early on and proved to be the catalyst for why I ended up going onto LinkedIn building a successful business, and then obviously switching into the coaching space within LinkedIn for entrepreneurs, was because of something that she said to me. She said, “Scott, you need to wake up and look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself every single day, how am I going to connect with myself today?” That was the lightbulb moment I needed.

In my head I was like, “Oh my God, that’s it! I’m not looking just to push products. I’m not looking to be a “cleanse coach” or product coach or customer coach, I want to build a team. I want to build an organization!” So, I asked myself…… “Who should I be reaching out to? Who should I be connecting with?” The answer was simple……Other people that were just like me that were not in Network Marketing and other personal trainers, other gym owners, other nutritionist, which is what I was doing at the time when I was building this business.

You want to reach out to people that you could have a similar conversation with whether you know them or not. So, the first thing is you want to start connecting with people that are the mirror image of you from a business standpoint. Let’s pretend that I connect with a personal trainer on LinkedIn and I’m going to send them a message. This is what it’s going to say first…….

You must always acknowledge the person and their name…….

“Hey, Steve, great to be connected to you”. Do not put “Dear so and so how are you today?” You want to make it informal; you make it relaxed; you make it very free flowing.

Step two, I call it “lowering the drawbridge”. If you are familiar with a drawbridge, when a drawbridge is up, it allows the boats to pass underneath. If that drawbridge is down, it then allows the traffic to flow back and forth. So, it’s your job in the second part of this message, to lower that drawbridge, to allow that person to come across.

I would say this is…….Step one: “Dear Steve, or Hey, Steve, or Hi, Steve, great to be connected to you……Step two, “I noticed that you also had a background in personal training, as do I would love to hear how business is going, share more about what’s going on with me to see how we can support each other here on the platform”.

Now I’ve done two things…… I’ve lowered that drawbridge. Steve understands why I’m reaching out. We’re both personal trainers! Why wouldn’t I reach out to him. But step two, I used one of the most important words in the English language. That word is SUPPORT. It has been scientifically proven that when someone just reads the word support, and says it in their head, it triggers their brain to release something called oxytocin. Oxytocin is your feel-good brain chemical. Just like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins or cortisol. The great thing is, that person is feeling good as they’re reading this message.

The third and final part is called a CTA. A Call To Action. Questions lead to answers and statements lead to nowhere. You have to A…S…K to G…. E…. T.  You have to ask in order to get. if I say, “Steve, let me when is good for you”, he’s never going to tell me because I never asked when is good.

You simply follow the three-step process and you end it like this……” Did you have any time this week or next week for a call or a zoom? The first step……” Hey, Steve, great to be connected to you…..Second step, “I noticed that you were a personal trainer, as am I would love to hear how things are going, share more about what’s going on with me to see how we can best support each other here on the platform”. Step three call to action…. “Did you have any time this week or next week for a call or zoom?”

That methodology will absolutely get more people to want to speak to you. Remember, state their name and reason for reaching out to lower the drawbridge without selling or pitching and finish with the call to action.

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