So in today’s blog, we’re going to go over the three personal traits and personal qualities that you need to have within yourself to truly live, achieve and build the best business possible. Those three things are self esteem, self confidence, and self worth. I’m going to go over all three of these things and the importance of them because again, these are things that we all struggle with, whether you’re a business owner or not and there are things that you are always going to have to improve upon to really understand how powerful you truly are and how much you can really achieve with this. 

Number one I want to talk about self esteem. So, what I love about owning a business, is that it’s a compensation plan with a personal development journey attached to it so a lot of people say, you know, it’s a personal development journey with a compensation plan attached to it and vice versa and I completely agree. You are really stepping into your own zone of genius, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re doing something you’ve never done before. But that territory comes with some things that need to be worked out and worked on. And that’s your own self. Because, as much as we will do finger pointing in this journey. It’s this person’s fault. It’s my family’s fault. It’s my friend and my circle of influence and blah, whatever it is, whatever you want to use as your excuse, what I have learned is that it doesn’t matter what any of those things are, you need to take ownership for yourself and what you want to achieve. When you have good self esteem, you build that armor every single day where people can’t knock you down. There’s a great quote by Les Brown that states that you’re gonna get knocked down but if you can look up, you can get up. When you have that posture and you have that, that high self esteem, where, the powers that you possess and the greatness that you possess  are inside of you, when you have a good self esteem about yourself, your path, your mission, your vision, your values, what you’re looking to achieve, there’s nothing going to get in your way. When you have poor self esteem, that’s when the negative self talk comes into play and will halt you. It will freeze you, it will paralyze you. 

Number two is your self confidence. Being an entrepreneur, it’s one of those industries where you have to be so crystal clear and confident of what you’re looking to achieve that nothing’s gonna get in your way. Will you have scrapes, bumps, bruises, broken bones along the way? Yes. Will there be detours and roadblocks and u-turns and potholes? Yes, that’s just a part of the journey. What I can express to you guys is that when you have a high self confidence, when you are so crystal clear on what you want to achieve, what you want to accomplish, not just for yourself, not just for your team but for your family, and the legacy that you want to leave behind, when you have that self confidence that you know you can do this thing, you will know it can be accomplished nothing will stand in your way. Now, that is not to say that there are going to be things that are going to try to push you, that are going to try to take you off your path. Is the universe going to throw things your way that are going to try to steer you off your path? Absolutely, but that’s just called life. But when you have self confidence, understand that you have the power, the power to achieve anything that you want. 

Number three, and in my opinion, the most important out of these three is self worth. This is something that I had to work on myself really really hard and a lot. I spent a lot of time working on my own self worth. I really feel that a lot of people go through the same thing where you’re going through all these changes and you’re going through all of these things that you’re working through on your yourself and your family and, and you’re questioning yourself all the time but what I can share with you is this. When you know your worth, when you know how valuable of a commodity you are as a human being, as a leader, as an influencer, as a person that people respect and honor and trust, when you understand that your self worth really depends, and is reflected upon everything that you do when you have when you have that high self worth, you are absolutely bulletproof. As your influence grows, as your impact grows, there will be more people firing arrows at you, but that just means that you’re really onto something. This is something that I’ve had to understand myself, as I’ve leaned into my zone of genius, which is LinkedIn and teaching people how to build teams and network marketing and coaching, i’ve had arrows coming my way but I’m not going to allow those arrows to steer me off my and in a direction and off my path of where I don’t want to go. I’m going to take on those arrows I’m going to face them head on and I’m going to keep going down that path of where I want to go to achieve.That’s what life is all about. If you think that this is going to be an easy ride. If you think this is going to be an easy road. If you think that there’s not going to be things that come up. You’re wrong. Whenever you step into entrepreneurship, whether you’re starting your own business, whether you have your own coaching program, whether you’re a professional network marketer, it’s going to get difficult, because you want it to be difficult the people that take the hard road are the ones that live, the easy life, the ones that take the easy road are the ones that are going to live the hard life and that’s your choice. 

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