In today’s blog, we will talk about three ways of how to rank advance in your business in the next 30 days. Now, these are ideas but what I can tell you is that if you do one of these three or all of these threes consistently over the next 30 days, you will get tremendous results.

So number one is actually reaching out to the people you already have in there. Many people may be reading this and may say, well, Scott; I don’t have anybody active anymore. I don’t have anybody ordering. So again, this is directed towards those people that have a ton of product users. They have a ton of happy people that are ordering every single month. So whether you have 5-10 25-60 people, here’s what you’re going to do this week. You are going to reach out to every single active customer that you have now, I don’t care if they’re ordering 10 business volume points or 10,000 business volume points if they’re ordering at all every single month, it is worth the reach out. This is what you’re going to do, and you’re going to reach out to them. You’re going to say, hey, just checking in to see how everything is going. Would you happen to be interested in learning how to earn anywhere between $150 to $450 this week by sharing your journey of these products with people that you know? So again, this is just an idea of what you can do with the people that you already have that love the products; you don’t have to convince them. They’re already using it, so if you reach out to those people to see if they would be interested in earning some extra money now. I’m using Isagenix as my example just because I know the compensation plan and what somebody would get paid if they enrolled their first two people into their business in the same week they would earn between 150 to $450, which to anybody that’s looking to, you know, increase their income or bring some residual income or start to get some of their products paid for. 

 Number two, this goes for people who maybe own a gym or a fitness club, or you have an extensive network of people that you haven’t tapped into yet, or you have an extensive network of people that just have not reached out. So 

This is something that I did in the very beginning, and it could help you. Run a Biggest Loser 30 day challenge for current people to get them to order more or brand new people, and here’s what you do you look for ten people. You want ten brand new people interested in being a part of your biggest loser 30-day challenge where you’re going to be giving out two prizes to the people who lose the most significant percentage of body weight, male and female, in 30 days. This could be you can give them a couple of canisters of your company’s shakes or whatever product you have on hand. That could be the prize for those two people that end up achieving the most significant results. So running a Biggest Loser contest and I did a couple of these in the very beginning. I think one of them, and I had about 16 people and the other I had about 12, this helped me rank advance because, again, those people in those 30 days, they’re going to love the products, they’re going to get great results. They will lose some weight, and they’re going to want to continue, and then you can wrap back around to method number one and ask those people. Hey, Would you be interested in taking your results and your love for these products and wanting to earn between 150 to $450 this week? It’s something that you can combine. Now, as far as what to say, you get very intentional on social media. Maybe you go on Canva, create a little flyer, and create a signup date, so basically, you give people about 10 or 15 days of when to sign up because everyone’s going to start on the same date. You say listen, and I’m looking for ten people interested in being a part of my biggest loser 30-day challenge, looking to lose some weight, feel better, learn healthy eating, and be a part of a fantastic community. This is what will attract people to come back, order more, or have brand new people show up.

Number three is what I’ve been talking about all the time. Get on LinkedIn; I interviewed one of my amazing clients, Heather, and she’s been using my LinkedIn system now for about six weeks, and I have a straightforward system that I teach for people to use LinkedIn. I teach them something called “get one teach one” where they get one new builder a month, they teach that person how to repeatedly do the same thing. In the last six weeks, she’s enrolled two business partners and four new product users in just six weeks. 

So, LinkedIn is that that that platform to optimize your time where you can leave with the opportunity. Hence, if you’re going to all your customers and your product users, I went over and steps one and two, and you’re doing that, you’re planting those seeds. You go in and talk to those on LinkedIn that are interested in a business opportunity they come into it. This will help you rank advance in your business, whether in cycles, whether it’s by rank or just following them into your business.

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