Today we’re going to talk about why LinkedIn and why now? Everyone hears me talk about social media all the time, specifically LinkedIn. What I can share with you is, all of the changes that are going on with social media, all of the algorithm talks, all of the “Let’s try to post this way” and “Lets like each other’s stuff“ , it is just everyone is looking for all of these shortcuts and new methods and new ways of using social media, to “hack them to get better results”.

But the fact is, if you’re spending most of your time on Facebook and Instagram, you are not getting the results that you want. Those platforms do not support the growth of what you want to do, which is creating more leads and having more conversations than you have time and hours of your day. The only platform where that can truly be done is on LinkedIn. I’m going to go over three specific reasons why if you start using LinkedIn, and you understand these three reasons, why 12 months from now your business will absolutely be completely different. 

So number one, the age demographic of people on LinkedIn is perfect. The average age of someone on LinkedIn is 30 to 55 years old. This is the same age demographic as the average business owner, so it just makes sense.The average age of someone on Facebook and Instagram is 18 to 29. Now, if you are 18 to 29 and by all means, hang out there, but I’m going personally over 29 years old and I’m not going to spend a lot of my time prospecting for my business if that’s not where the age category of my demographic is hanging out. 

Number two, the size of the network that you can grow. Every person you contact can become a client of yours. Now, Facebook does allow you 5000 friends and I thought that was a lot until I went to a personal development event held by someone. At the event, he said this is all about the law of compensation  and what he did was, he brought some top leaders that were in the audience up on stage and he had them write on the board. How many conversations they’ve had or it took to really get to the top of their business, and what astounded me the most is that the smallest number that I saw was around 9000. When I sat there and I was thinking to myself, “ Man, I’m killing myself in spending all this time on Facebook, I’m only allowed 5000 friends, that’s just over half of what I need, and not everyone’s going to say yes, on Facebook, more or less, get on the want to get on the phone with me.” Now Instagram, I love Instagram because it’s another great way to push out your business and your brand, but it does have the highest rate of fake accounts to real accounts on social media and there’s accounts getting shut down all the time, there’s auto responders, there’s auto dealers and there’s Auto likers and commenters and followers and follow back and all that other stuff. I just don’t have time for all that, I need to be somewhere where there’s real genuine, authentic people. Now, the size of the network that you grow on LinkedIn, which a lot of people may not know is 30,000, you are allowed 30,000 organic connections on LinkedIn, and over a three year period for me I’ve gone from 500 connections that I’ve just eclipsed 26,000. Now just imagine for a second as a business owner, just imagine you having the potential of 30,000 brand new connections. What would that do for your business? What would that do for your appointment book?  What would that do for your income?  Using a platform like LinkedIn, where it’s six times larger than Facebook. It’s only going to do that much more for you and your business.

 Number three, and I  feel it’s the most important, and it’s the average yearly income of people on LinkedIn. Now, the average income of someone on Facebook and Instagram is $30,000 a year or less. What does that mean? That means that they are most likely in a situation where they have the mindset of living paycheck to paycheck or just getting by. They don’t have a good money mindset, they’re not thinking abundantly. They’re kind of living where they are, which is complete, and we’re taught that. I completely honor and respect where everybody is so I’m not going to try to convince someone that doesn’t have a good money mindset should now look at LinkedIn but the average income of someone on LinkedIn is $100,000, a year or more which is a lot larger than Facebook and Instagram. These people have a good money mindset, and if you have a good money mindset and you’re making good money now, they’re going to want to learn new ways to make even more money later. The great thing about LinkedIn, it’s the perfect storm, it has the right age demographic, it has the right kind of people out there with the right kind of income with the size of the network required for you to build an amazing business. I’ll tell you right now, if you really stay true to yourself of the path that you’re on, and you look to connect with amazing people that have that mindset that you do, you will find them on LinkedIn. 

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