So in today’s blog, we’re going to be talking about three things that used to work on Facebook that people are still doing seven years later. Back in 2013, these things did work, but they’re still doing them now, expecting them to work. It is a new time; they no longer work. This is not to say that anyone is doing anything wrong. If anyone stays up to date on all the changes to the algorithm and they stay up to date on everything that goes on with social media, you will know that you need to use each platform differently. So what I’m going to go over with you guys today are three things that have changed, and three things that you can do to absolutely make those things better.

Number one, I see a lot of people still liking and commenting on each other’s posts when you’re on the same team in network marketing. Back in 2013, you know that even back in 2009 – 2015, that was great because that worked in favor of the algorithm drawing people into your post. Back then, Facebook rewarded people who got a lot of engagement. But the way that the algorithm switched is it still rewards you for getting that activity, but the idea that the algorithm kicks in on the back end is new. It rewards the people that are getting things most visible, but it’s also going to those that are liking and commenting on your stuff and vice versa. So if the only people you are liking and commenting on are the ones on your team, those are the only people coming back to you. Guess what your newsfeed is going to look like? That’s correct, nothing but your team, and they’re already in your opportunity so you can’t even recruit them into your business. So, you should still support your team, like and comment on their posts, but the most important people that you should be liking and commenting on are the ones that aren’t in your business. All of the friends you have on Facebook that aren’t in your business; those are who need the most support. Suppose you start liking and commenting on their stuff. In that case, you’re going to begin to appear on their newsfeed and vice versa. You never know what that might lead to a conversation, but if you’re only liking and commenting on people who are already in your opportunity, how do you expect to bring new people in?

Number two, before and afters. Now, before and afters back in the day, I would do about five different before and afters a week. I mean, I compulsively posted before and afters. I thought the more people that saw the before and afters, the better it was. But again, with how it’s set up, the only people that were liking and commenting were the people on my team. So I wasn’t getting any new engagement. What I realized the transformation that people care about most in my network are the people connected to me and my transformation, so think about this. Who’s going to care more about your transformation? Who’s going to care more about someone else’s transformation? If I was to post my transformation, whether that’s physical, emotional, spiritual, my network, the people that are not in my opportunity, that that is interested in what I’m doing, are the ones that are going to engage the most. Still, that same group of friends that I have on Facebook and I post the picture of Steve whoever, why would they engage with that? What relatability do they have to someone that they don’t know? The best engagement that you can get from a before and after is your own. It doesn’t always have to be physical; it can be emotional; it could be spiritual; it could be relationship-wise. There are so many different types of transformations that you can share with your network about what happened. Someone posted the other day that they’ve personally developed themselves into a more positive human being because of the journey they’ve been on in network marketing. That is a type of transformation. So, always isn’t related to the product and the physicality of the transformation.
Number three is how to handle product launch pictures. Every season companies will come out with seasonal flavors or new products. The easiest thing for people to do is to scroll on Facebook, find someone in their opportunity that’s already posted about it, save the photo to their camera roll and then repost it as are the ones that have found it. Now the fact of the matter is that it is the lazy way to do things and what I can tell you from personal experience is that that’s what I used to do because I wanted to do something as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s not quick. It’s inefficient, and it’s actually not even genuinely authentic because you’re using someone else’s up. If you’re going to do a product launch picture, make your own, you know, do something funny. I remember seeing a video that Rob and Kim Murgatroyd did on Facebook with their daughter Sophia. In the video, Rob walks into the room, and he goes, man, I could really use some birthday cake right now, and she’s like daddy, I have some birthday cake. He goes, Yeah, but maybe I should have a birthday cake shake! She goes, No, you should have some birthday cake, and he goes, Okay, I really want a birthday cake, and she took a little piece of cake, and she smashed his face. It was just a short parody video, but it was different than just posting a picture about hey my company’s got a new shake coming out, you should get it. That worked back in the day if you’re going to send out that kind of picture post to someone, I would send it to someone that is already on your program, someone that’s already using the products and send a personal message, send an email, send a text. Please don’t put it on your timeline, do something a little bit different because what worked in 2013 and before that is not what’s working now.

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