I’ve done similar blogs around this but I really wanted to bring to light some things that people aren’t doing on social media that are truly hurting their business and not helping their business on Facebook. 

Number one is network marketers are constantly liking and commenting on each other’s business posts.  A network marketer, who is using Facebook to build their business may do a post about either their husband, wife, significant other, kids, whatever, and they get unbelievable engagement. They’re getting 60, 70, or 80 likes, 20 or 30 comments. Then you do a business post, can be a transformation, could be a rank advancement, monetary achievement, new product, and it gets a 10th of the engagement, and the engagement that it does get all your team. It’s all the people that are already in your opportunity. You can’t even recruit those people. However, what people need to understand is that when you are commenting and liking on all your team’s business posts, you are only seeing their posts and not potential buyers. The way that the Facebook algorithm works, is that Facebook will show you in your newsfeed what you are liking, commenting, and engaging with. It says, “hey, you’ve liked, commented, shared and supported this information, I’m going to show you more of it.” So when you go on to Facebook, instead of seeing all the other people that aren’t in your opportunity, all you’re seeing is people in your opportunity.  My advice is to support your teammates but make sure you are really interacting with potential clients.

Number two, you are posting too often about the business or products and not enough about yourself. I actually saw someone’s Facebook page the other day, and about 95% of the posts were inspirational quotes, transformations that aren’t even theirs, rank advancements, and that’s it. What everyone has to remember is, Facebook is a social network. You need to have a healthy mix. If you’re doing four posts a day on average, one of them should be about your business, and three of them should be about you, something that you’re eating for lunch, a healthy recipe, your kids, your pets, spouse, or significant other or a personal achievement. When it’s the reverse, so if three of your four posts are all about your business, and one is about you, you’re going to get less and less engagement. In addition to what I went over in number one, the more posts that you put out, the more Facebook wants to continue sharing. One thing I want you guys to do after you’re done reading this blog, is go back to Facebook and I want you to scroll through your feed or personal timeline and take note of which posts that you’ve done in the last week or two have been the most successful. Instead of doing things that you think you have to because that’s your team system or that’s what the upline is telling you to do, post about you! Your upline only knows what they know, Facebook knows everything. Facebook is going to show you what you’re doing is working, that’s a pure and simple fact. Here’s an example, when Nancy and I left for Jamaica, I did a post from us on the plane. It was a post where we were just saying that we were taking a little vacation, for four days or five days but it got 150 likes and 140 comments. Facebook said yes, people really enjoyed that post. I would say post four to five posts a day. One in the morning, late morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening, and make sure that you have a good ratio of non-business to business. Only one post today should be about your opportunity in a very genuine fashion, the rest should all be about you. Remember, Facebook is a social network they want to hear social things.

Number three, you are not doing any Facebook Lives. This is one of the biggest push backs, not only for my clients but that I hear network marketers say that they’re most afraid of. They are most afraid of doing Facebook Lives, they tell me “I don’t know what to say” or “I don’t want to sound stupid”. I’ve even heard “I don’t know if people are going to need to engage.” But it doesn’t matter, because still to this day, the number one way on all of social media, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, the number one way to engage an audience is through video, whether it’s live or recording. So if you’re uncomfortable doing a Facebook Live, then you know what, record a video on your phone, and post it. It’s better than doing nothing and you’ve got you guys have heard me talk about this before, doing a little bit of something is better than doing a lot of nothing. If you can commit to doing one Facebook live, not about your opportunity or your products but you talk about something that you’re passionate about, that will impact and relate to your audience or take it off of you. You could also interview someone else, ask someone to come on to your Facebook Live and interview them. That’s a way that you can introduce yourself to that person’s network. So it doesn’t always have to be about you, but doing one video per week, whether it’s a live, or recorded on Facebook, will help your engagement, and it will help more people come to the forefront that may be interested in your opportunity.

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