Today’s blog will be going to be going over, in my opinion, three potential reasons why your network marketing business income is going backwards or he’s going. Now, there’s no exact reason why, but the reason why I wanted to go over these three things. I wanted to shed some light on them and I wanted to start making you guys aware of maybe some focusing more or less on others. 

Number one, you’re still just using Facebook and Instagram. Now, for those that follow me on social media, I talk about this all the time. I read an article on LinkedIn, that Facebook and Instagram are the barbecues of social media. If you think about why people go to barbecues, or get togethers, you’re going to talk about the kids, your health, your work, what’s new, stuff like that. What you have to understand is that Facebook and Instagram are social platforms. They are not business building. Five to seven years ago, they were. But don’t take it from me, Gary Vee Gary Vaynerchuk is still saying, 2020 is the year of LinkedIn engagement wise.. Every day you log on. It’s like attending a networking event. People are on there to network, all over the world. They’re on there to communicate, passing business back and forth. What I want you guys to think of LinkedIn as is a business mastermind that you’re putting together. You have the power to search, connect, and message those people you want to. If you’re still just using Facebook and Instagram and you’re still going to work every day, how do you expect to grow business?  Will I go into a barbecue every day or am I going to a global network? What do you want to be? Do you want to go to barbecues every day and socialize? Or do you want to go to networking events?

Number two, you’re still enrolling many product users and not enough business first. Now again, this plays into what you’re using on social media. At this point, product to achieve and grow a multiple six and seven figure income is not going to happen with product users, it’s going to happen with business leaders building a team. Here’s the deal though, some product users will cross the bridge and want to build with you, but most will not. Because remember, this is an emotionally driven business. People say yes to what you’re emotionally connected to. When you start enrolling business minded people, in addition to product users, you’re going to have more balance, and you’re going to have more growth potential and possibility for your team and for your company.

Number three, the people that you have in your business right now, the people that you have on your team right now, make sure they are people who are trustworthy and loyal. In network marketing, people don’t put in their two weeks notice. They will just sneak out the back door if they want to quit. You want to hold onto these people for dear life though, because, again, network marketing is based on the activity of what people underneath you are doing, not about what you’re doing! Your job is to bring people in and show them how to be successful. 

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