In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the three ways that you can use word of mouth marketing. Yes, word of mouth marketing on social media to build any of your businesses, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales, internet marketing, a coaching practice, any entrepreneurial endeavor, or business. I owned a traditional brick and mortar before I went into network marketing and online coaching. I had a couple of health clubs, and this was in the days of before, really, social media, I mean my first club we opened in 1998 and the last one that we opened was in 2003. There was no social media, there was no other means of really communicating besides email, using newsletters and word of mouth. By having the people within the organization, or the membership base as my gym is an example, we used to use promotions, you know we’re her friend, get a free month, so using those kind of word of mouth tactics can now be used on social media and I wanted to give you three ways to do that.

Number one is encouraging user generated content. So whether you’re building your business through LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or Insta story whatever you’re doing,  encourage user generated content. You can do contests, polls, quizzes, questions, and hashtags. Perfect example, three years ago I did a gratitude challenge. So, I did a video where I said use the hashtag sgc or hashtag sgc 2017 Scott’s gratitude challenge 2017, and I challenge people every day for the month of September, to post about three things that they’re grateful for and use the hashtag at the end of it. So what it does, number one, it builds a community of people doing that and they’re seeing it on the walls every single day reinforcing gratitude. Also, that hashtag starts to trend, and it draws people back to you. So doing something like that, or a poll. Such as, what was your favorite cereal growing up? Using questions like that, engaging your audience, find out what they like, find out what actually triggers the biggest response because then you can take that data you can use those results and you can apply it to anything that you’re doing, to really start building that rapport and that relationship with your audience

Number two, testimonials and reviews of your people. The best way to do this, if you are in a network marketing company, whether it’s skincare, haircare, or nutritional products, is have someone else edify you for what you’ve done, or how you’ve assisted them, or how these products really changed their life, they hear and see you talking about it all the time. But one of the best ways to have it really impact your network in another way is having it come from someone else. So my suggestion for you is do a Facebook Live, or an Instagram Live or something where you can bring somebody else on and interview them. If you’re in a nutritional wellness network marketing company, and one of your friends or clients, they lost 15 or 20 pounds, then just reach out to them and say hey listen Jeff, would you mind coming on to a facebook live with me and sharing how this program has helped you how it’s made you feel, and why you would recommend it to others?  Having someone else edify the system that they’re using, but also edifying you is going to raise awareness and attention, where people are like, you know what, I’ve seen them post about it before.Now there’s like validation coming from this other person who is a third party. Maybe I should give this a try.

Number three, create sharing.  This is something that I do on my Facebook Live. I create free giveaways, ebooks, downloads and I encourage my following. I encourage my friends on social media to share my content. You know when I tell people to share this content, leave your email address below after sharing it, let me know you have, and I will send you a free download of this content so you can have it for your own personal resources. So what’s that doing? It’s reinforcing  engagement, but it’s also giving something back. My friend Chris said it perfectly in one of his podcasts, which is called: For the Love of Money, which I recommend you check out, but he said that you want to keep giving gifts.  Gift gift gift. Gift as much as you can for free because the money ends up just being a side effect of that. So my suggestion to all of you is give as much as you can, away for free.

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