When you’re not crystal clear with the vision of what you want your business and your income to be like, or where you want it to be by the end of the year, or in two or three years. How do you expect to know where to reach and where to go to achieve those goals?So here are the three ways to properly cast your vision for your network marketing business, each and every year.

Number one, work that works. Now people might hear that, like what do you mean work?  Well, you need to think about the end result first. Where do you want to be by the end of 2020? By the end of 2021?  Work backwards because I always give people this example: When you are traveling and if you’re using a Garmin or your car’s GPS, do you put in a sort of kind of address of where you may be going around about city, or do you put in the most specific address and location of where you’re traveling to? You’re putting in a very specific location. You’re putting in the exact location of where you’re going because guess what your navigation system is going to reward you by giving you the exact steps that need to be taken to get to that end result. So you need to first start by working backwards, write down the exact place that you want your business to be at the end of the upcoming year. Where do you want it to be at the end of 2020, where do you want it to be at the end of 2021? I want to be making X amount of dollars per month per week per day. When you are that clear with where you’re moving backwards from, then you are then able to take the daily steps, the weekly steps, the monthly steps, each and every day to work towards that end goal. Then, if you hit it, boom, you set your goals for the next year. But here’s the thing, even if you don’t hit it, you will have still reached and stretched much further than you probably would have if you did not put the end in mind, first. So number one, work backwards. 

Number two, be clear. You need to be so crystal clear. So crystal clear with the exact amount of money that you want to make, the exact amount of enrollments that you want, the exact amount of bonuses you want to hit exactly where you want to travel to, you need to be so crystal clear with your vision that you can literally taste it. All I have to do is continue to be crystal clear to get those results that I’m looking for. Be absolutely crystal clear with exactly what you want to achieve and this can be writing it down on a notepad note card and carrying it around with you. This could be doing a vision board. Wherever you can see clearly what your vision is, the more likely you’re going to strive for that each and every day. 

Number three, be intentional. Think about why you’re doing this. You don’t want to do it just do it just to say, hey I posted. Hey, I did a video and hey I did a podcast. You have to be intentional. With every single thing that you do, because the more intentional, that you are with your actions with your words with your habits, the more intentional, your business will look. When you are unintentional, when you are literally as I’ve stated before throwing darts at a dartboard with your eyes closed. What can you expect back from that much because of unintentional thoughts, habits, and actions will bring back unintentional results, which is not much. Show the more intentional that you are, the better your business will look, and the better your business will feel, because every person in network marketing or entrepreneurship loves the feeling of being an action. When you’re in alignment you’re intentional with those actions every day, God it’s the best feeling. 

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