Today we’re going to be going over something that people have probably heard about, but maybe you’re going to bring new things to light, and it’s the three things that you should consider when building a network marketing company. You’re going to hear different things for different people but I picked out these three things that people really need to consider in deciding if they’re going to start building with that company and that business, or if they’re considering leaving, and why they maybe should. 

Number one is leadership. Anyone that is building a company where they are telling you that you can get rich quick, you can make money fast, anything like that, that’s red flags. The thing that you do want to look for is when people are talking about legacy, they’re talking about being authentic and real and genuine and caring. I tell people listen, if you want to. If you want to get rich quick, you want to go to a local gas station, get some lottery scratch offs and have at it because that’s not what network marketing is. Network marketing is a marathon. It’s not a sprint. So really take a deep dive into the type of leadership that is backing the company that you are choosing to partner with or you currently are partners with.

Number two, how many people can you impact by your opportunity? So, I read this article, years ago, that they said the one thing that you don’t want to do is to partner with a company where you’re actually cutting off, or you’re casting a more narrow net. So hear me out, if you’re in a health and wellness company, and your health and wellness products can be consumed and taken safely by children, by teenagers, by young adults, by men, by women by women that are pregnant ,by women that are nursing or people with medical conditions, then you’re casting a very wide net. This means you can impact more people and the more people you can impact, the more conversations you can have, and the larger business you could grow. Another example is make-up, and selling as a guy. Now men wear make-up but as a general rule, make up is a female dominated industry. Makeup isn’t worn by most men, it isn’t worn by kids or babies. Your net would be super small in regards to who would buy your products. The fact is that, if that is your niche, that’s great, but just understand and this is something that I read in this article that you are casting a much more narrow net, which means you have a much smaller demographic to work off of now. There’s different trains of thoughts, there are people that want to stay within that niche and they just want to stay there which is completely fine and you should. If you have big goals of impacting a lot of people, you need to make sure that the opportunity that you have partnered with provides that wide net to be cast, that you can really become that true leader you are by impacting the most people. So the wider of a net that you can cast, the more people that you could be impacted.

Number three, you need to ask yourself how unique is my opportunity? How unique is my opportunity, my product, my service than anything else that’s out there and you hear people talk all the time? There are a lot of companies out there that do own particulars but no one is doing what they’re doing, but how unique are our nutritional products? How unique are your skincare products? How unique are your essential oils and your makeup and the scrubs and everything that you’re doing?  How unique is it, so that when someone asks you that question, be ready to answer. You want to share, so that with people know you speak from the heart. Let them know how different it is. 

This is how you know that you really found that opportunity because I’ve taught many people that have been the same opportunity for years and years and years, and they’re not making any money and it’s not that they’re doing anything wrong. They’re just maybe a misalignment with one two or three of these three things. So really sit down and write down the top leadership qualities of the company you’ve partnered with. Make sure you are unique. 

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