One of the best pieces of advice I ever got when I started building my business was to hire a coach, instead of me trying to figure it out. I learned from someone who already had experience.

I want to talk about the three things that you can do in 2020 and beyond to radically change your network marketing business. Now there’s a lot of things that we can talk about, there’s a lot of different avenues to go down, but I always like to break things down to simplicity

 Number one is start to brand yourself. This is something that is not known by a lot of people and they do not know how to do it. What do you mean brand yourself? What should I do? I’m posting about my opportunity. I’m posting about my skincare and my weight loss products and my anti aging products and my hair care products. I am branding myself!  No, you’re not actually branding yourself, you’re branding the company. You’re branding everything for that. A great example is my buddy Greg. He has started a hashtag of “Be your own hero”. This is how he has branded himself. He has immersions now, and he has events at his house, with his wife Jessica, where they teach people how to be their own hero by making certain decisions and, you know, he can share his story. So you need to brand yourself, not your company. A mission that you’re on. Boss babe, is another great example, she really branded herself with all of her quote tiles. Think about your target audience. Think about your avatar, and start to build your content around those that would most relate to you. 

Number two, plan your week of your IPAs or your income producing activities. One of the number one things that really hold people back from achieving their goals and achieving success is organization. If they’re not organized. It’s like throwing darts at a dartboard with your eyes closed. The fact the matter is if you don’t plan, how are you going to stay on task? How are you going to stay on the path to your success? So you need to do your absolute best to plan your week of your IPAs to get a schedule. Get a planner, write everything out. The more visually you can see what you need to do, the more that you’re going to be on top of your business, instead of your business being on top of you. 

Number three, hire a coach. I see and hear so many people struggling in their business and it’s not their fault. Your up lines will only teach you what they know and if they don’t know certain aspects of how to grow a business you’re never going to learn it so you might flounder. But one of the greatest lessons I learned from my enrolling sponsor when I said yes to network marketing about five and a half years ago, he said to me, “Scott there’s certain things that I can teach you and there’s certain things that I can’t and for all of those things that I can’t, I want you to hire this guy, he’s helped me and I know he can help you.” I then hired my first coach, with $3,000 that I did not have, but that $3,000 investment has brought back 100 times more income into myself and my business and my brand.

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