Take any person in network marketing, that is successful, and you ask them what was one of the keys to their success and it was basically building a network, creating new connections, and having new conversations. One of the main reasons that your income may not be growing is because you’re not talking to new people each day that are allowing you to grow your new business, or to grow your current one. The fact is something that I remember Eric saying on a podcast one time, he said “One of the scariest places that a network marketer can be is when they open up their calendar and their appointment book and there’s nothing written down.” So what I want you to do right now is look at that appointment book, look at your calendar and see how many new conversations you have set up. I’m not talking about the products but for the business. 

Number one, you’re not having enough conversations.Now here’s your goal for you to really succeed in network marketing. You need to have five to ten new calls.  I’m not just saying, have new connections, you need to book five to ten new calls every single week for new people to share your opportunity to be successful. That’s 20 to 40 new presentations for the opportunity every month compounded over a year. That is going to set you up for success.

Number two, you’ve taken your foot off the gas. I call this the stop start syndrome, where you’re starting, you’re stopping, you’re starting, you’re stopping. I actually said this in a training the other day, it really doesn’t matter how big of a leap each day you take with your business, it could be a millimeter forward. As long as you’re moving forward, each and every day, you’re going to succeed. If you take your foot off the gas, and you start applying the brake, the vehicle is going to stop. Once your vehicle stops, you’re not moving forward, you are literally stopping yourself from achieving your opportunity. I don’t care if you take your foot off the gas just a little bit, you don’t have to floor the gas pedal. As long as your foot is on the accelerator and you’re moving forward in some way, you’re going to achieve great things.

Number three, which is probably most important, fear.  I think this is the one thing that I’ve actually done so many interviews over the last few months and I asked them a lot of the same questions. “What was one of the biggest obstacles that you had to overcome?” They’re afraid, or they’re afraid of what other people might say, or fear of the unknown. If you allow your fear to overtake your thoughts, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Fear will absolutely become the catalyst to talking you out of ever moving forward in any of your opportunities, and fear is a choice. Fear is also created. It’s a feeling, you’re creating this feeling, of a fear of the unknown from something that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe you’re reproducing a thought or a feeling from a past event saying “what would happen once it could happen again?” Then you just live in that fear state, but living in fear doesn’t help your business. It only hurts your business.

If one of these three things really hit home, just turn the opposite way, turn around and go in the opposite direction. The easiest fix for something that you now know is not working is to go the other direction to fix it. If you know you’re not having enough conversations, start having more conversations. If you know that you’ve taken your foot off the gas, put your foot back on the gas. If you know that fear that you are creating is stopping you from really achieving what you want to achieve, lean into the fear, overcome the fear and realize that you’re creating the fear yourself. 

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