One of the challenges that a network marketer or internet marketer online business coach faces, is the fear of running out of content, and without enough content without expanding your brand, then business could dry up.

So today’s blog is dedicated to teaching everyone about how to never run out of content on social media, the big three in my eyes, are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I really feel that sometimes when you get into those modes you’re really really stretching and pulling from as many places as possible. But if you have these five strategies, these five things, to really inject into what you’re doing every day on social media, you’re never gonna run out of content. 

Number one, is consider revamping popular titles, outside of your niche. What I mean by this is that really consider what your niche is, and maybe rewording things, say things a different way, bring a new flavor to what you’re speaking about. If you’re selling shakes, if you’re selling oils if you’re selling wellness products or haircare or skincare. So use the same content, but just revamp it and talk about it in a new and interesting way within your niche to draw new people in. 

Number two, turn bland into awesome. So there’s a lot of people that get very lazy with social media, they will just go on, they will copy and paste something, they will post something that they think people want to read. They don’t bring any of their own special sauce to it. What I can tell you is that when you bring your own self, you really let your own inner light shine. It’s going to draw that many more people to you and you’re going to attract your tribe. Turn a bland post into an awesome post, make it personal. Be sure to include an aha moment, make it about you. Don’t make it about what everyone else is hosting, even if you see the same thing being posted, it’s okay to reuse the picture, or the content with the transformation or the results. But your own personal spin on it, Make it awesome. 

Number three, is using finding tools. This is the internet. So when people run out of content, an easy thing to do is just to go on to Google, or go to Reddit, which is a blog site, and look for popular topics that are going on within your niche. So if you’re in the weight loss, spectrum of network marketing or online business, go on Google and search new weight loss tips, and you can get a ton of articles that pop up that will correlate to your niche and what you want to talk about. So then you can start building content, new and fresh around your niche. If you’re in skincare, or  haircare or oils, same thing, just type in the latest research on essential oils and it will populate and generate new content. So use title finding tools like Google, it’s the simplest one. 

Number four, is to check social media, and I say this all the time. If you want to know what’s trending, if you want to know what’s going on, and if you want to know what people are really being attracted to, check social media. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to be on there, hours upon hours upon hours ago, you pop on for about 10 minutes scroll through, see what people are posting about seeing what they’re saying. See what people are being attracted to see what people are engaging with, and then get your own ideas of how you can bring it into yourself.So use social media, not just to push out your brand your business, your opportunity, but use it as a tool use it as a way to find out exactly what people want to know. That’s the beauty of it.

Number five, use your own analytics and the analytics of social media. What I mean is use your own analytics such as: the likes, the comments, the shares of people on your page. Now, I’m not saying that you should get addicted to that. But I said this on a recent Facebook Live, that your social media, your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Instagram, they talk to you. They tell you what’s working and they let you know if it’s a great post, people are loving this, they’re engaging with it, etc. So, if you know there’s a specific topic or a message that you shared on social media. Look at those analytics. Look at the engagement. Look at the impact of what that specific post had, and take that content. Build structure around it and do more, like that. So use those in your favor. 

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