On today’s blog we’re going to go over how to get one new enrollment this week on these three platforms Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and using three different methodologies for each of them to make that happen. So first is Facebook. The “algorithm” is always changing and people are always trying to figure out new inventive ways to make that happen. What I can share with you is that there’s no way to stay ahead of it because Facebook is always one step ahead as far as what needs to get done with how people are using the platforms, but here are three things that you can do.

Number one, you should do two Facebook Lives per week, or just one Facebook Live per week. So let’s make it even easier. Just one. So you might be sitting there like oh, what should I do my facebook live on? Well, the best way to use social media, specifically Facebook, is to talk about things that relate to those that are not in your opportunity. Most people right now are posting things that only their team is engaging with, before and afters, monetary rank, advancements, all of those things. That is only drawing attention to those that are on your team. Thus, blocking out all of the other people. So if you do a Facebook Live this week, talk about a passion that you have. You might be into cars or baking, or traveling or your family. Do a Facebook Live on it. That, my friends will start drawing attention to those that also have a similar passion for just that. So it’s now going to start to bring new people in instead of pushing them away. 

Number two, send out 50 messages, send out 50 messages to those that showed interest before,or have never, and here’s what you say.  “Hey, Steve. Just wanted to reach out and say hi, how is everything going in your world.” That’s it. Hey Steve. How is everything going, or how have you been, how is everything going in your world, you will leave with a question. Questions always lead to answers, so it’s got to be short, sweet. You pick 50 people, and then see where the conversation goes if they reply back. You know this or that or the other, it could lead to them saying oh you know I’ve been thinking about you I wanted to reach out to you. I’m ready now. So, 50 messages and you don’t have to do all 50 on Monday. I want you to do this throughout the week. 

Number three, write a huge vulnerability post. I’ve been featured on a lot of podcasts, most recently to share, my new book, but also my story. And what I’ve been learning is that through the means of sharing my story. I’ve created more relatability with myself. People that have heard my story before, or if you have never heard my story before there were some things that I had to overcome in my life. Just to highlight, I was bullied and picked on as a kid, my father made some bad business decisions that landed him in federal prison for two and a half years, I had to file for personal bankruptcy, and at one point I had been divorced twice.I had setbacks in a lot of different aspects of my life personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, and when I share this vulnerability and I share my story, people realize they’re not alone. I’m not the only person that got bullied and picked on. I’m not the only person whose family member or parent, went to prison for things that they did. I’m not the only one to go through divorce. I’m not the only one that has had financial issues. When you write a vulnerability post, you write it, you take a picture of yourself, a selfie, grab an old picture of you, or someone took of you and you share your heart. When you share your heart, that really brings people closer to you and we’ll open up some new conversations. 

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