There are profitable ways to use social media such as Facebook, and Instagram and then there are ways where people just kind of waste their time.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can use Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn or social media for that matter to grow a profitable network marketing business, and the key word is profitable. A lot of people are on social media just dilly dallying along and they’re not really getting the return on their investment. That is not their fault.This is something that I always talk about is, that you will only do what your upline teaches you to do so that means you’re only going to do what your upline does and it may work for them but it may not work for you. 

Now, number one. Use your knowledge to aid the growth of your team. This goes for the leaders out there that are listening to this. Use your knowledge, if there’s something that you are doing and it’s really working, aid your team and tell them what you’re doing. Whether it’s a coach that you hired, a program that you downloaded, or an app that you’re using. If you are not sharing with them, you’re only going to end up hurting yourself in the end, because you’re hurting your team first. This is because when you grow a network marketing business, it requires you to have a team to build with you. So it only makes sense for you to obviously aid your team by teaching them anything and everything that you’re doing to grow the best business. 

Number two, foster your connections and look for synergistic commonalities. So, in our team, if you’ve ever been to an event where they do kind of the color coded emotional side of network marketing or business, there you have the red, the yellow, the blues, and the whites and as a leader you need to be able to have a mixture of all of those colors. You really need to know how to work with each one of your builders. But the best thing to do is to really foster your team and foster the connections. If you have a couple of builders underneath you, or if you have a couple people that are running with you that have a really good synergistic production, well they’re in a line that they live the same kind of life. They’re both yellows, they’re both blues, they’re both reds, or whites, make the connection, introduce that connection. It’s not that you can’t lead that, but everyone has to be loved by the right person, everything has to feel good, in the sense of how you’re going to build your business. This is because the way that someone with a red personality goes about running their business is completely different than the way that someone would build it as if they were a white or yellow, or a blue. So foster your team’s connection, put those people in touch, and have that synergistic commonality where they would run together. 

Number three, do something that means something to you. I mean this in the sense that people need to still see the humanizing side of yourself. So, if you believe in philanthropic activities, if there’s a charitable cause that you’re about, if you love giving to the homeless or food drives, or food banks or homeless shelters, do so something that means a lot to you. Sometimes this may  even be starting your own foundation. The fact the matter is this, as you’re sharing that love or that passion and you put it out there on social media, there is  someone who really resonates with it. You’re going to attract someone to your mission, or your cause. 

Number four, the medium doesn’t matter as long as connections are being made. By medium, I mean, social media outlets, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, whatever you’re choosing to build your business. Your medium doesn’t matter, as long as connections are being made. If you’re growing your network, every single day be on those platforms and mke sure that you are doing your due diligence as a network marketer.  The point of being a network marketer is constantly growing new people and constantly growing the new network. If you’re not, then you can’t expect your business to grow. If you’re not fostering new relationships, if you’re not growing a new team, if you’re not letting new people into your business, each and every day, how do you expect your income to increase? The only way that your income increases, is if you actually bring new people in or make new connections to actually introduce the opportunity to that. So the medium doesn’t matter, as long as new connections are being made. You will never run out of people to talk to your opportunity. 

Number five, interact with your network. I see so many people just posting. They’re doing Facebook Live, they don’t even say hi to their people. They make a post on Facebook, people respond or comment and you don’t like their comment or respond back. This goes back to something I spoke about before about the law of inclusion. People love feeling close to other people, especially that they don’t know, in the sense of using social media because social media is so amazing because it allows you to connect with new people all over. You can connect with anyone in the world, all over the country, the state, city wherever you live. It allows you to create that relationship and that rapport between you and the listener, or you and your connection. So do your very best to truly really interact with your connections with your followers, with your friends with anyone that interacts with you. You pay it back.

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