When you’re doing things in an unauthentic way, you can’t expect to attract the right kind of tribe. When you’re authentic and genuine, that’s what you attract back.

What I want to talk about today was the seven mistakes that most online marketers network marketers and entrepreneurs make on social media, and how you can correct that. What I’ve learned is that I’m a big contributor on Forbes, but I also take a lot of content from them just because there’s such an amazing resource for things that are going on. 

Number one is you don’t have a clear avatar. Most people are just posting and praying. They are putting content out there and not really understanding exactly who they’re looking to attract.  A simple exercise that you can do is when you’re listening to this, write down the age demographic of the type of person that you want to attract is. Are they married or not married? Are they male or female? Do they have kids or no kids? What are their hobbies, what are their passions? What do they do for a profession?The more specific and clear, you can get with your avatar, the more content you can put out there, related to them will have them start responding back to you. So number one, have a clear avatar.

Number two, you’re using messages and keep posting things that provide no value. You’re just posting stuff that you find online, you’re going to Google. You are searching inspirational quotes and you’re just popping down a couple of Helen Keller quotes and you’re just posting, which is great. Everyone needs inspiration, but put your own twist on it. Put your own content and thoughts into what you’re talking about.The more that you can make it, you, the more value you bring to your network. So, don’t just copy and post. You can copy aspects of posts but use your own content above it. 

Number three, going along with number two is you lack personalization. Now, everyone when they get started in network marketing or online marketing or entrepreneurship, you’re kind of figuring it out as you go and I was there at one point. However, the more that you can personalize your message, your mission, your vision, the more that you start attracting the people that are also attracted to that same vision and mission that you are. Really start to personalize your content and what it means to you. 

Number four, giving up. People get on social media, they start posting for a couple months, they’re not getting the engagement that they thought they were going to get, so what’s the easiest thing to do? They throw their hands up in the air and they said I give up, I quit. Well, quitting is the best way to automatically fail because you have no chance to succeed. So instead of having a perceived outcome of what’s going to happen in 30 days, follow the compounding effect where small daily actions will produce the return on what you’re looking to receive from your business. So, don’t give up, don’t quit, keep moving forward. 

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