Attention, and visibility. If you’re looking to grow a network marketing business and online business without either of the two things, it’s nearly impossible to achieve the success that you deserve.

We are going to talk about six tips to improve your Facebook presence for your network marketing business. Again, visibility and attention is everything in network marketing. Without those things, you’re not going to have the success that you deserve. 

Number one, use the right tools to provide yourself the visibility meaning, something like Buffer or Hootsuite. These do cost money to use them as hosting tools. This is the great thing for the entrepreneur, the network marketer, the business owner, the coach, where this is their side hustle. This is something that you are doing outside of your regular nine to five, which is completely normal. You don’t have the ability, or the capability to be on social media, all the time. So you need to make sure that you’re using a posting app, such as Hootsuite or Buffer to post now. Facebook has changed things so you can’t actually use buffer and Hootsuite anymore to use on the personal platform, it’s only for business. But if you do post on a business page and you schedule those it’s much easier to go to your business page, go to the post that had been scheduled, and share them onto your personal timeline. You want to post between five to seven times per day. Yes, five to seven times per day on Facebook because that’s how the newsfeed works, it’s constantly rolling. It’s constantly scrolling, and you need to be in front of people’s faces. So you want to post in the morning around 7 or 7:30 AM, around lunchtime between 12 and 1PM, afternoon between 5 and 6 PM,  evening around 8 to 8:30 PM, and then before bed typically between 10:30 to 11 PM. Those are great times. That’s number one. 

Number two, focus on the client or prospect, make your content, problem solving, don’t sell. So everyone’s trying to sell a product, sell a shake, sell skincare, sell a cream, or  sell oil. So don’t sell solve a problem. So, you want to focus on how something could help someone physically or financially and build your content around that. Build your content around if someone says yes to this, here’s how it could affect you, personally, professionally, or both. So again, don’t sell, solve. So you’re not in the business of selling, you’re in the business of solving so move your content from selling content to solving content.

Number three, promote your other social media platforms. Now the great thing about Instagram is it allows you to share to Twitter, Facebook, at the same time. But if you’re on Facebook, tag or mention your Instagram handle or if you on Instagram, mention your Facebook. Always cross promote yourself to other platforms that you’re on, because obviously it’ll take those people, put them onto another platform and start engaging with you because if you’re using social media correctly, you’re actually using each platform differently, Facebook, you want to use it in thThe best way Facebook should be used. Same thing with Instagram. Same thing with LinkedIn. So cross promote yourself by just saying ,hey check out my post here, if you missed my Facebook Live, check it out here.

Number four, pay attention to what’s trending hashtags apps, types of posts, you know if there’s a hamburger it’s national hamburger day or national sibling day there’s a certain hashtag that’s trending. Pay attention to what is going on on social media. Instagram allows you to do it, it shows you what’s trending that day, Facebook does it, LinkedIn does it, all these platforms, show you what’s trending. You can then build your content around the stuff that people are most likely to engage with. So really pay attention to what is currently trending on social media. The more that you post things that deal with the things that obviously means something to you, the more  it’s going to attract the right type of people to you, the more attention and awareness you’re going to get.

Number five, make sure that what you’re posting is visually eye catching high quality pictures. They’re not blurry. You want to make sure that there’s a story that’s being told, with what you’re posting. Now, that can be in the picture itself, or it can be in the caption of the picture. So make sure that what you’re putting out on social media, whether it’s friends, family food vacation, anything of that, make sure that it’s telling a story, either in the picture itself, or a caption of what goes along with the picture. 

Number six, in my opinion the most important, is actively engage with your audience for anyone that follows me on social media. If someone likes or comments, I am always, always going back to say thank you, or engage back with them. That is how you build rapport and relationships on social media, social media, you’re talking to a computer you’re talking to a phone. It’s very dehumanizing in a way but the way that you can bring the humanized side to it is by actively engaging with your audience with your friends with your followers that really brings people closer to you. So, if I was to break it down, which of these six is the most important, on really improving your presence, it would be really engaging with those that engage with you. It draws them in closer. It makes the rapport, that much stronger, and your attention that much better. 

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