Video is everything right now, as much as people are posting and having people read their content there is nothing out there that is going to get more attention and get more awareness for your business and your brand and video.

Here are the 3 things that you can do on a daily and weekly basis to really start gaining that attention and awareness that every network marketer requires to build the best business possible using social media. 

  1. Choose 3 social media platforms to utilize to grow your business, and be CONSISTENT: 

All entrepreneurs are required to  be able to spread our voice and our message across as many platforms as possible. So using 3 platforms on a consistent daily and weekly basis, is going to keep yourself in front of your listeners and viewers.

If someone were to ask me what are the top platforms you should be on, I would say Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

  1. Post content about what you feel not about what you want to post.

The types of people that you want to attract to your business would want to hear about. This is something that I did mistakenly wrong at the very beginning. I was just posting stuff, because I was posting things that I thought I had to post about my opportunity, my transformation and my business.

When I started to take a step back from that and I started posting content about things that people could really resonate with. I put myself into the shoes of the people that I wanted to attract. If I wanted to be attracted to a certain business, what would I want to see, what would I want to read, what would I want to hear? 

So when you remove yourself and your ego from what you’re going to be doing on social media, and you start thinking about what the viewer would want to hear, or interact with or really engage with, you’re going to see your attention, and your awareness of your social media posts, get much better engagement. 

  1. Video is king. If you are not on video right now and you’re not allowing people to hear your passion, to hear your voice, to hear your message then you’re missing out.

You knew it before, there was Facebook Live before there was Instagram video but before then there was LinkedIn video and that is all there was. But now we have this amazing ability to not only take our message from a post but we can transcribe it and put it into a video forum where people can physically see us, and they can hear us. It’s a whole other ballgame. 

When your listeners can not only see what you’re doing, but they can hear about what you’re doing, they can feel your passion, they can hear your message, and they can resonate with you that much more because you’re humanizing yourself. You are humanizing the mission and the vision of what you’re striving to get across. You should absolutely be doing at least two Facebook Lives per week, one Instagram video per week, and one LinkedIn video per week.

This is going to engage your audience in a much different way and that’s going to really attract them to what you’re doing and what you’re looking to achieve with your business. It will also show how you can actually assist them with the three things on social media that you should be doing every day.  Number one, Make sure that you’re using three to five social media platforms consistently every single day, the way that they should be. Number two, think about what the listener wants to hear, not what you want to say. Number three, remember, video is king right now. So do two Facebook Lives per week, one Instagram video per week, and one LinkedIn video per week. 

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