What I am going to go over in the article are the best follow up questions to ask a prospect that cancels a call. This happens all the time and not everyone is going to follow through with what they say. I always tell people that a few things happen when you schedule a call with a prospect. 

  1. They are going to hold true and they’re going to show up for the call. 
  2. They’re going to cancel prior because they’re too busy 
  3. They’re not going to show up at all

But there are 3 great questions that you could utilize every single day when this happens.

1. When would be a better time this week, to do our call? 

If someone says later this week is going to be better for me, then ask: 

When would be a better time this week to do our call? 

You get a response that Thursday is good….You then proceed with ”What time Thursday?”

 and you go from there until you lock down the call. 

2. When later this week would be better for you? 

Remember, as an entrepreneur, our number one job is to collect answers, not statements.  Statements don’t lead to answers, questions will always lead to answers. 

3. If someone responds back to a message with, “Hey Scott, later this week is much better.  Things got kind of crazy today. Can we reschedule? I would say, “Absolutely. Later this week sounds great.” Again,  I’m reusing their words. “What day and time do you prefer later this week? You always want to reuse those people’s words to reflect on themselves because people want to feel like they’re speaking for themselves. 

So if someone says, “Hey Scott I’m really busy. Can we schedule a call for Friday”. “Absolutely Steve, when Friday is best for you? I rephrase their words, then ask a question that leads to an answer. 

Now, what I will tell you is this….Some people will go to cancel a call, you will say, “Great when you want to reschedule? And they don’t answer you back.  What you guys have to remember are a couple things. 

  1. We can’t get attached to the outcome.

  2.  We can’t waste another minute focusing on those that don’t want what we have to offer. If it was that important to that person to reschedule if they had to cancel, they would absolutely respond. 

    That’s not saying they’re not going to write back a day or two later, “Sorry,  things have been busy. This week is better”. 

  3. If something is important to someone, they will make the time for it. If it’s not, they won’t.  Either way, it’s not that big of a deal. 

Remember,  we are in the answer gathering business. It is our job to collect as many answers as possible. The person who collects the most answers is going to have the best business. We could easily spend our time wasting our time on the wrong people, worrying about all the people that are not interested, those  that won’t even get on the phone with us, or we can be in so much action that we don’t even have time to worry about those people. 

Questions will always lead to  the answers you are seeking. No more wasting time on those that don’t want what you have.

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