So let’s talk about the one simple question that you can use for your social media network to ask to truly define and extract those that are truly interested in changing their life, both physically and financially. The premise of this article is to break things down into very simple terms and ideas. In entrepreneurship, we tend to overcomplicate things no matter what it is, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales, online marketing or any coaching business. If we instead break it down to a foundational level, it’s really those simple things that we do compounded over time that really get us the best results. What I am about to share with you guys is from personal experience. When people are involved in an opportunity in network marketing for a product, a good, skincare, oils, health and wellness, no matter what it is, the easiest thing to do is to always talk about the product. 

What does that typically do? It typically extracts those individuals that are just interested in a product experience, which is great, don’t get me wrong, but we are looking to build a business. You don’t want to have a huge distribution center of just product users, because in the compensation plans that these network marketing companies have put into place, they work in two ways. 

  1. They reward that person that is sharing the products with others by rewarding them with  product introductory bonuses, which obviously gives you a nice pat on the back, but that’s not residual income. If you are not enrolling, you aren’t earning. 
  1. You are rewarded when building an organization (downline), that pays you residually each day, week, month and year. As you have more people under you building, more money begins to flow up. 

Just remember, the top leaders in your network marketing opportunities are sharing the products, but they are talking about this opportunity just as much if not more. It’s the opportunity side that creates the residual income that allows you to do this business full time. Now, the question that I keep seeing people put out is,” I am specifically seeking five to 10 people that are interested in losing five to 10 pounds over the holiday season, over the New Year, you know, through summer after summer, winter, spring, fall, whatever it is. Now what is that going to do? 

That question is going to bring people to you that are just interested in losing weight physically. You my friend are looking to build up and connect with people that are also in financial pain. Those that are in financial pain could be those that want to create an amazing life and are going to do the required things to build a business. They’re going to get on team calls. They’re going to enroll new people. They’re going to show those people how to enroll new people. They’re going to go to team events. They’re going to do all those things required to push that needle forward to grow their business. 

Now, this is the question I want you guys to ask your networks on social media, and it’s very simple and effective. I actually did a Facebook Live on this and go to my Facebook page ( After I did this Facebook Live, I got a message from someone in my network that their newsfeed was blowing up with people responding to my suggested question. Never forget when you’re clear and when you’re intentional on what you want, you will get back what you deserve. So here’s the question that I want you guys to use.  I want you to structure this in a few steps. 

  1. Take a selfie. 
  2. I want you to use this question in the content body area of your post on any social media, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.” I am seeking to personally assist 10 people this year to this to become more physically and financially free. Who is ready to start feeling and living the best life ever? 

So again, “I am seeking to personally assist 10 people this year to become more physically and financially fre. Who is ready to start feeling and living the best life ever?

 What this question actually does is it will set aside those people that aren’t  just interested in just a physical transformation. They are also interested in a personal financial transformation. So when you’re clear, when you’re intentional and when you’re driven towards what you want to achieve, those people will show up and you will find your tribe.