The holiday seasons are the most common time of year for Network Marketers, online business owners, and online coaches to be most frustrated. This is because it’s also the most common time that you’re going to hear objections from those that you’re talking to about your opportunity or about your business. It’s like clockwork. Just as Halloween ends and everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah,  Kwanzaa and everything else, everyone puts themselves and their businesses on hold. 

What I wanted to go over with you guys are the five typical objections that you’re going to get over a holiday time period, but also how you can overcome those objections, how you can not take it personally and how you can understand that it has nothing to do with you. 

Objection 1: “I’m too busy right now”. 

“Busy” is a state of mind that a lot of people spend their time in and especially during the holidays, people are busier than ever. 

During any holiday time period ( new years, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, etc) where people are most disorganized and most overwhelmed. 

You can simply come back with a question:  “Sorry to hear things are so busy. When would be another time for us to connect”. Questions always lead to answers. So when someone messages you back or tells you they’re too busy. You simply ask when would be a better time. 

Objection 2:  “My money is tied up right now in other things”.

This means their money is being distributed to gifts, BBQ’s, party’s, presents and everything else they’re doing. If any dollar is going to be spent. It’s not going to be on themselves, it’s not going to be in a coaching program, it’s not going to be in an opportunity, it’s going to be for everything but that. The holiday time period is also the time period where people go into debt because they’re actually doing things that are going against their business. 

So when someone says, “ My money is all tied up”,  you can simply respond back with:  

“When do you feel would be a better time to reconnect when your money is not tied up”. This is best because you want to re-use their words and you then come back with a question. 

Objection 3: “Let’s wait till after the holiday time”. 

It is very common for people to want to put things off. They want a fresh start. They want a clean slate. So what do you do then? As always, questions lead to answers. You would say “That totally makes sense that you want to start fresh. When would be best for us to hop on a call?” Now, that might lead into the 4th objection. 

They may put it back on you…

Objection 4: “Why don’t you circle back with me in a week”. 

Whether you’re in Network Marketing, whether you’re in direct sales online marketing or an online coach, you are not chasing anyone. So if they respond back with “Why don’t you circle back around with me”,  I would respond back with, “I completely understand your busy schedule. If you would like to talk, please feel free to contact me when your schedule allows for a call, as my door of opportunity is always open”. 

You always take the power back and you never leave it to that person to dictate the flow of the conversation. Sometimes you need to make a statement to shut down the conversation, or that is absolutely when you want to do. 

Objection 5:  “Let me get through the next couple weeks”. 

What you’re going to learn a lot about these objections, is that they’re all the same. They’re all about that person being overwhelmed. They’re all disorganised. They’re all not about themselves and about everything and everyone else. So, when someone says to you, “Let me get through the next couple weeks and then let’s reconnect”, you always reuse that person’s words. You would say, “That sounds great. When, in the next couple of weeks would be best for you”. 

You always have to go back to ask questions to get answers so you are able to get solidified appointments. It is your job to not convince people, but talk to those that are serious, not just curious. 

In everything you do, you have to be very clear and intentional.