In this article, we’re going to go over how to 5x or five times your network marketing or online business.  Now, again, this is not an exact science, it’s more of things that I have tried myself, things that I’ve learned from other people that I’ve coached with and I’ve taken those things and broken them down into three simplistic ways to do this. This is good for anyone that has an online coaching business or a network marketing opportunity. 

Here is how to 5x your business this year: 

#1:  Enroll one new business builder/ client per month/per week……

If you really want to 5x your business, you are going to have to five times the type of people that are in your business. If you’re building your business by yourself, if you don’t have anyone else building with you and you have all consumers, how do you expect to increase the business if you don’t have anyone building with you? 

So, if you keep to this very simple and bring in one new business builder per month, that’s 12 new builders a year, and that my friends will bring you back monetarily what you deserve. It doesn’t take a huge amount of people to make your business grow to astronomical levels. It takes a few good people doing what they’re supposed to be doing, in order to bring new people in, which will bring new people into their, and so on, and so on. 

Now, for someone that has an online business, a very simplistic thing to do, is to make sure that you can close 1 new sale a week because. When you have an online business, every sale that you have and every person that you work with becomes a referral source. Something that you can offer your clients is a referral bonus. I personally give my clients a 10%, kickback from anyone who hires me through that person. So it gives that client of yours incentive to talk about you. You can also have an affiliate program, which is beautiful, you can basically create an affiliate link for one of your training courses, give it to people that you’ve worked with, and they put it out there and they start talking about you, if they use the affiliate link. Obviously, you get compensated for whatever that person buys. And the person that has the affiliate link, they actually earn income from that, too. So you’re putting money back into the people that have invested into you, which is great. And I tell my people all the time, listen, if you think of anyone, send them my way, and I’m happy to put something back in my pocket or I’m happy to put something into your pocket, because you have put something into my pocket. So that’s number one.

#2: Send 5 connecting messages per day:

Whether this is for your own online coaching business, coaching practice or network marketing opportunity, reach out to five people a day. Now, this could be five people that you’ve spoken to about what you do before. This can be five people that you spoke to, but they weren’t interested at the time or this could be five brand new people. You can do all three of these, which means you can send 15 messages a day. The more people you reach out to, the more people are going to connect back with you. The more people that you speak with, the more people you’re going to close, the more sales you’re going to close and the more your business will grow. in network marketing, or any online business, any coaching practice that’s online, whether it’s virtual coaching, or one on one, it’s a numbers game. The person that speaks to the most people is always going to win. If people’s businesses aren’t growing, it just means that they’re not talking to enough people. So if you get those love numbers in your favor if you’re reaching out to new people every single day, if you’re connecting with new people on social media every day, if you’re putting out content every single day that’s engaging your audience. Those love numbers will be in your favor. So really make sure that you’re connecting with people every single day, not just once or twice a week. It is a daily practice, in entrepreneurship, there are no days off. Now, there are some days where you might do more than others, like, you know, yesterday was a holiday or tomorrow’s a birthday, or this week, coming up as a vacation, whatever it is, you’re going to do things just a little bit less, but you’re still planting seeds every single day. So number two, send out five connecting messages every single day, whether it’s with people that you have not spoken to, that never got back to you you’re following up with or they weren’t interested at the time. 

And the third and final thing that you Do in conjunction with the first two to five x your business on up in 2019 is hire someone outside of your business to help you. Now, a good friend of mine, Chris harder who has an amazing podcast called for the love of money has also a year long mastermind called for the love of money mastermind. And every year I look to invest into something outside of my business to grow my business. And I spoke to Chris at length and he told me a little bit about the mastermind and the qualifications for it and I said, this is something that I need to do, and I made the investment for it. Because for someone to grow, personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, it requires you to make the number one investment that anyone can ever make. And that’s in yourself. You know, Eric worry always talks about The fact that he actually has his own investing budget, every single year into his business and his brand to grow it. Most people are using the free tools free only gets you so far. If you want to up level your business, if you want to up level your income, if you want to up level your skills, you gotta learn from people that have up leveled all of those things. So the third and in my opinion, the most important is to hire someone one on one or become a private mastermind, where you’re going to learn those skills to become better, not to become the best, they become your best and to constantly grow. The more that you grow. The more that you know, the more that you understand the more that you can do.

And that’s how you can achieve all those goals.

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