There’s a lot of different qualities that we look for. But there are 4 specifically that you really want to look for to really move yourself and your business forward. 

#1. Someone that is entrepreneurial: 

There’s something to be said about someone that has the mindset of an entrepreneur. They’re a go getter and they really see the big picture. They understand what it takes to really achieve certain things. When you have someone with that entrepreneurial mindset, outside of the person that has that employee mindset, it really starts to separate yourself and your business in a whole other way. 

Getting really clear that you’re looking for someone like yourself that’s entrepreneurial because, in the end, you do want to look for someone that’s just like you. Someone that has owned their own businesses, someone that has done network marketing, direct sales, internet marketing or online marketing. When you start to surround yourself with those types of people, you learn from each other, you grow from each other and you propel each other to a whole new level.

#2: Someone that’s coachable. 

What I’ve learned is that the best teammates, the best business partners are the ones that are the most open. They’re coachable, they’re open to suggestions and constructive criticism. They’re not shooting down ideas or things that you’re looking to do. When you bring someone into a business or an opportunity that’s coachable, that’s open, that’s driven, motivated, they’re willing to do the necessary things to take themselves, their businesses, their goals and their dreams to another level. It’s only going to make for that much greater of a synergistic relationship between you and that person. If they’re not coachable, and they’re going to do things their own way. You can’t expect to have that wheel turning in the direction that you want it to. 

#3. Someone that is self-motivated.

 What I mean by self-motivated, is you really want to look for someone that doesn’t need an inspirational mantra every morning. It’s important to do self-development and personal development, but you don’t want to run an adult day care center. When you’re running your business, you want someone that’s a go getter, you want someone that’s self-motivated, self -inspired and self- driven. That person just takes the reins and they go. They don’t need to be checked in on all the time. They don’t need to be reminded to do things or to not do things. They’re a salmon in a world of fish. They’re willing to do the uncomfortable to create the life that they deserve. Really look for those people that are self -motivated, and they’re ready for something bigger. They’re ready to be led and right direction because the idea of any kind of business, whether it’s network marketing or any sort of entrepreneurial business, you want people that are ready to move forward. There’s an old saying that states, “run with the few and stop dragging the thousands”. So really look for those people that are self -motivated and they will show it right away.

#4. Look for people that have big dreams: 

There’s something to be said about someone that has a vision that can’t be seen because it’s still just a vision. It’s a dream. If you have big, audacious goals and dreams yourself, you want to align yourself with people that really want the same thing as you. You want people to have that same sort of vision that other people say, “you know what, that’s crazy!” “That’s impossible!” “You can’t do that!” Well, that’s perfect, because that’s the type of person that you’re not looking to partner with. That is someone that you’re not looking to grow a business with. The thing is you’re looking for those select few. That small demographic of people that really do think unlike any other person out there, and they’re there, trust me. Here’s a great exercise that you can do. I call this the top 10 and the final five. Whenever you are reading this, before you go to bed one night, I want you to write down the 10 qualities about someone that you’re looking for in your business.

Here’s an example: 

I want someone that’s open that’s coachable, driven, motivated, a self- starter, entrepreneurial and happy. 

Next, I want you to break those into five that are the non-negotiables. These five are imperative for that person to have. When you look at this final five, chances are those five things that are important to you are the exact qualities that you see in yourself. 

Remember, we’re always looking to attract the mirror image of our higher self at all times. 

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