This article is dedicated to talk about the 3 reasons why your Network Marketing business is not where you want it to be…….

There are many reasons why our businesses are not where they want them to be. But what I do know is that there are 3 that I truly feel are the ones that are really holding a lot of people back from growing their businesses, their income, their teams and really living the life they truly deserve. 

#1 You are not having enough conversations:

The great Jim Rohn said that some of the greatest baseball players in the world that that .300 hitters, meaning they get up to bat and 3 out of every 10 at bats, they get a hit. That person that is batting .300 is making between 1 and $3 million a year on average in baseball. That same person that is getting 3 hits is also getting out 7 to 10 times. It’s all about the law of numbers. You talk to 10, you get 1.  You talk to 10, you get 2 and so on. 

Most people stop when they really feel no one really wants “my service, my good or my product”. The fact of the matter is this…….The person who speaks to most people and talks to most people collects the most answers is always going to win. So,  if you’re that person that’s sitting on social media, posting and praying, just putting out posts and you’re not reaching out to qualified people each day on platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter, and you’re not using it to your best ability where the law of numbers are in your favor, it is absolutely impossible to grow your business without bringing new people in. 

#2 You are listening to the wrong people: 

Now we can’t control who enrolls us in our business, who our upline is, who our downline is and what they do. But the one thing that I’ve learned from day one when I got started in network marketing, online marketing, and internet marketing,  is that you need to be very, very careful about who you listen to. 

Now, as an example, my passion is LinkedIn. I love it!!! I help a lot of people who have online businesses, who are coaches, trainers, network marketers, people in direct sales, multi level marketers. But here’s the thing….. I’ve done to do. I’ve spent time, energy, money and effort in figuring this platform out to get results so I can show other people how to do the same. 

Now if you’re that person that wants to learn how to do it and you go to your upline for approval and they mention to you that they are not using it, in your head your saying to yourself, “ They aren’ using it so I shouldn’t either”. Meanwhile, that person IS where they want to be in their business because they’ve done those things that, in all reality, might have changed over the last few years and you’re not, but you do want something to change. 

You need to be listening to those leaders that are open. So if your upline says, “You know what, go for it”. When you treat this like a business, it will pay you like a business. My enrolling sponsor, said to me when I began, “Listen, you need to hire a coach as soon as possible because I know some stuff, but you need to learn from those that are already successful in the business”. 

Within the first 60 days, I hired my first coach.  had an enrolling sponsor that was open, that was coachable,  that was driven and he poured that into me. Iff your upline is holding you back, just remember when you say yes to your opportunity, you’re saying yes to being your own boss. Really make sure that you’re listening to the right people. But in the end, you need to listen to yourself. You need to listen to you and you 

Only you carry the weight and balance of your business,  your future and your success. Not someone else! It’s your decision and yours only to make.  

#3 You are not investing in yourself: 

Free only gets you so far and that is so true and I am constantly invested back  into my business. Eric Worre always states that you need to have a certain amount of money allocated each year to invest into your business. That number needs to increase every single year if you want to become your best. The more that you invest into yourself and your business, the more that you’re going to invest in your future success. 

If you’re just going to use free tools, the free tools are only going to do what they’re capable of doing and take you only so far. When you learn more, you will do more and you will achieve more. The more that you invest in yourself and your business, the more that those investments are going to return back to you.What you don’t want to do is thinking that hiring a coach or learning something new is an expense. In reality, it’s an investment, and when you start to make that shift of putting money into something that you want to achieve, it will  literally flip the script on everything. Things don’t become expenses anymore, they become investments. And what do investments do? They build compounded interest and grow your worth over time. If you’re building your own worth over time, bottom line, you will increase your income! Just remember…….If you’re not talking to enough people, if you’re listening to the wrong people and you’re not investing in yourself, you can’t expect something to change in your business.

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