I’m going to go over the magic formula for leading with an opportunity to provide coaching services, network marketing, direct sales, online sales, and more…. because I think the one big struggle that a lot of people have is, “Well, I don’t know how to lead with the opportunity, I don’t know how to close the sale, I don’t know what to do”. 

As a sales professional and coach of almost 20 years, I’ve really honed in and learned an effective way to paint the picture of what needs to be done and created a formula for how to make that happen. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to break down this down for you, in a way that will increase your opportunities and chances of increasing sales and growing your business. So here’s the magic formula….. 

Number 1: When you get someone on the phone, you always want that person to start the conversation by talking about themselves. This is so important, because people love talking about themselves (don’t you?) and people love being listened to (I do!). It only makes sense when you’re talking to someone about an opportunity to either hire, work, or partner with you to allow them to share their story first. When you get them on the phone for a conversation, you can say something like this: “Hey Steve, it’s great to connect with you! Can you tell me a little bit about what you do for a living?” The conversation goes so much more smoothly, when you reverse it like that, because most people are so used to getting on the phone and just oversharing and overcomplicating the conversation (along with talking too much). You just Ask questions to get answers. So again, you always want to start first by letting the other person talk first. 

Number 2: After they share their story, you ask for permission to share your story. This is important, because f you’ve listened appropriately, when that person has shared their story, you’re going to pick up on maybe some pain points, keywords, or key phrases of things that you can relate back to within your story, this helps to raise the level of rapport and relationship. So when you tell your story, you relate it to theirs, to make it more relatable to that person. The more that you raise that level of rapport and relationship, the higher the chance and the opportunity that person is going to say yes to your opportunity, to coach with you, or to build a business with you. So again, AFTER they share their story, share your story. 

Number 3: Talk about your passion. It’s important for them to first start with their story, for you to then share your story….then your passion. Explain to them why you do what you do, why you believe in this business, this product, this business model, your coaching services… explain to them exactly what the reason why you’re doing it. This is so important because when people can hear the why, why you’re doing it, why it’s good, how it helps people, it takes the conversation to another level. It becomes not just a sales call, you’re actually humanizing yourself by genuinely sharing your passion. So again, talk about the passion and the why behind what you do. 

Number 4: Share an aha moment. This is a moment that basically came about that really struck a chord with you that lead you down the path (or opportunity) that you’re on, it could be a moment, it could be a story, it could be just one of those light bulb moments where you said, “you know what, I’m going down this path, this is something that I want to do”. It doesn’t have to be anything momentous. It doesn’t have to be a monetary thing. It just needs to be something that really struck you to your core, where it’s continuing you to go down the path of discovery that you’re on. 

So to recap the magic formula. 

  • Number 1: Start with THEIR story
  • Number 2: Share your story and connect it back to them. 
  • Number 3: Share your passion and your why. 
  • Number 4: Share your aha moment. 

This will take practice over time, but I promise following this formula will absolutely raise the opportunity for you to build a better business, brand, and create more outstanding relationships. 

“Download the free “Magic Formula for Sharing Your Business Opportunity Worksheet” Click the Link Below:  https://networkacademy.kartra.com/page/magicformula